Sathi (Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situations) is a registered Indian non-profit organization working in the area of child protection, especially focusing on children who are separated from their families. Since inception, Sathi’s body of work has expanded and encompasses children in three different social spaces – railway platforms; street situations; and child care institutions.

Children in contact with railways (CCR)

Children who have separated from their families and found on railway stations are rescued and transferred to safe short-stay shelters where they are provided care and counselling. Based on their circumstances, the children are either reunited with their families or are referred to child care institutions for further care and protection.

Children in Street Situations (CiSS)

Children found languishing on streets and in slums are denied education and the privileges of citizenship. Sathi works in the identification of such children and helps them secure access to programs of inclusion. These programs include enrolment in schools and Anganwadis, financial inclusion, health insurance and ration cards. Sathi also works towards social mainstreaming of children who have been out of school and have deviant behavior including substance abuse habits, etc.

Children in Child Care Institutions (CCCI)

Sathi engages with Government Homes for children in need of care and protection with a primary focus on counselling, address-tracing and restoration of children who are living there for long periods without family contact. In the process, the organizations builds capacities of the people in the institutions to ensure that the institutions evolve into model transit Homes.