A ‘special’ child finds his way home

Runaway children on railway platforms

67 children reunited with their families in Lucknow

In an emotion filled event, 67 children who had lost contact with their families were reunited with their parents at a ceremony organized by SATHI on 5th July 2017 at Lucknow. These children had either run away from home, trafficked or lost and were rescued from railway stations of Kanpur and Varanasi. There were also some children who had attended a month long home orientation camp in Govt. Children’s Home, Ramnagar near Varanasi.

The children were handed over to their parents in the presence of Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. Speaking at the event, she said “It is not possible for me to explain in words the happiness of getting a child back who was lost. For any mother, it is the second biggest happiness after the birth of her child”. Appreciating the work of SATHI, she said that when a person starts good work, it is possible to gain the support from society and the government within a short time.

The Minister promised that the government would open more shelters for lost and separated children. She also said that the government will start working soon for begging children and are seeking to collaborate with organizations in this endeavor.