Enhance support system for COVID-19 affected children belonging to marginalized families in Pune & Bangalore.

COVID-19 pandemic across India was an unprecedented crisis that affected lakhs of families, including children. With income sources dwindling during the pandemic and limited financial savings to rely on, loss of the breadwinner resulted in great economic hardship on the families. Children may discontinue their education for financial reason. SATHI is supporting these children and their families through:

Supporting children to continue their education

  • Provide financial support to help pay school, fees uniforms, travel and tuitions
  • For teenaged children (16 years and above) provide skill training for job placement
  • Help apply for scholarships and government benefits

Supporting and enabling surviving parent or guardian

  • Provide financial assistance for food and housing in emergency situations.
  • Counsel single mothers and orient them towards various livelihood development opportunities
  • Link the children and their families/guardians with government social security schemes
  • Help a subset of the women start or expand their small business ventures (self-employment)

Through this project, we have helped 381 children and 56 single parents helped to expand their business at Pune and Bangalore.